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A writing assistant for every student and a grading assistant for every instructor…made possible by AI.

Packback is the pioneer of Instructional AI. Packback’s mission is to empower every student to be fearlessly curious, develop strong writing skills, and find their unique voice. The Packback “Digital TA” AI powers our award-winning discussion platform, Packback Questions, and our AI writing feedback platform, Deep Dives.

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Champion Student-Centered Pedagogy in Any Size Class

(With Support From Packback’s “Digital TA” AI)

Packback Questions

Inquiry-Based Student Discussion Platform

Engage curiosity, increase motivation, build community, and support writing practice with our award-winning student discussion platform with built-in AI coaching that helps students develop better questions and responses.

Packback Deep Dives

Feedback Platform for Writing Assignments

Improve student writing skills and confidence on written assignments through instant AI-powered coaching. Streamline the grading of writing assignments through an AI grading assistant that is tied to your specific rubric.

AI Feedback + Instructor Feedback = Better Together

Packback partnered with 11 institutions in a multi-year study to measure student outcomes. Significant improvements in writing quality and rigor, final grade outcomes, and student satisfaction were observed.


More Rigorous Discussion

2X more student posts on Packback contain source citations, compared to the LMS. Discussion posts on Packback Questions are also longer on average, with 1.3X more replies per thread.

A’s & B’s

More A’s and B’s; Fewer F’s

Students in classes using Packback earned more A’s and B’s, and fewer D’s, F’s, and W’s on their final overall course grade, compared to students only using the LMS.


More Confident Writers

65% of students reported feeling “confident” or “very confident” in their writing capabilities after using Packback Deep Dives, compared to just 42% before Deep Dives.


Faster Grading Time

Educators using Packback Deep Dives saved an average of 30% of time grading per essay submission, compared to grading writing assignments without Deep Dives.

What is Instructional AI?

Instructional AI enhances critical thinking and writing skills through instant feedback on discussions and essays, allowing teachers to prioritize feedback on students’ ideas.

Unlike Generative AI (made popular by ChatGPT), Packback’s Instructional AI never writes for students. It teaches students how to be stronger writers and critical thinkers.

For educators, Packback’s Instructional AI acts as a grading assistant while keeping the instructor in control. Packback helps speed the more “mechanical” aspects of managing and grading assignments, freeing educator time to focus on the students’ content and provide personalized and meaningful feedback.

Students and Educators Love Packback

Valeria O.


“I have used this software for a couple of my classes and I’ve got to say so far I have loved the experience from it. You get to ask more interactive, relevant questions rather than boring discussions. The panel always gives you super helpful suggestions to make your posts better and up your curiosity score. Getting around the page and posting responses is super easy, especially when you agree or disagree directly with a point. I also really like that it has a scoreboard and the sparks feature to monitor my progress and feed into my competitiveness and help keep me engaged.”

Pearl H.


“I love the way Packback utilizes AI in a meaningful way to facilitate productive conversation. The suggestions made through the AI platform help users ensure their discussions are meaningful, contain all the necessary components, and are error-free. I also love the suggestions around how to enhance the conversation, and the fact that Packback pushes me to post meaningful content rather than something half-baked. Lastly, the profile personalization is very creative and has made it fun to get to know my peers. It’s a great resource that has allowed me to connect with and genuinely learn from my peers!”

Patch H.


“As a student, Packback is incredibly easy to access, has a user-friendly interface that makes navigating classes a breeze, and utilizes something I had never encountered before: a system that encourages you to not only think critically but to actually engage with other classmates and form thoughtful discussions. I’m so used to discussion boards where you just curate an answer, gently agree with what other people said in their answers, and move on. Packback makes me feel like I’m actually learning the content and pushes me to talk about it in a way that generates conversations. Overall, I had a very positive experience using Packback and I hope more professors implement it in their courses.”

Dr. Rebecca VanMeter


“This platform has drastically improved the critical thinking of my students over the last 3 years. They are better able to support and communicate their thoughts around a variety of topics dealing with my courses. I teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It has also drastically reduced my grading time for this engagement piece of my course. Every semester students comment on how much they like Packback and found it beneficial, when they thought they would hate it or were frustrated to have to pay extra for it.”

Dr. Jennifer Hillman


“As a professor, Packback allows me to engage my students—both inside and outside of class– in rigorous, meaningful discussions based upon their unique interests and critical thinking skills. […] Because Packback’s AI allows students to know—before they formally submit their assignment—if they have already met the basic requirements for grammar, spelling, word count, formatting, and references, students feel more confident that they are submitting high quality work that will earn them a good grade.

As the instructor, the overriding benefit to me is that this use of Packack’s AI allows me to spend my time focusing upon the unique content, creativity, and scientific merit of my students’ participation in our online discussions, instead of tedious but still vitally important tasks like checking for plagiarism, correct grammar, minimum word count, and source formatting. [ …]

As an instructor who teaches large classes, both online and in person, I cannot recommend Packback highly enough as a unique pedagogical tool that empowers students to engage in civil discourse, rhetorical thinking, self-directed inquiry, the appropriate use of peer reviewed research findings, collegial competition, and grammatically correct, independent, analytical writing, throughout the semester. Packback removes the need for superfluous grading, and allows me, as an instructor, to spend most of my time, instead, on students’ emergent interests, needs, and course content.” Read this full review

Packback has over a 4-star rating on Google Reviews

Educators at over 600 higher education and K12 institutions in the US and Canada proudly use Packback

IMS Global Certified

1.3 and 1.1 certified. Support for Google Classroom available.

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Secure, Private, Reliable

Packback adheres to FERPA, GDPR, PIPEDA, and PCI standards.

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Accessible for All Students

Packback aligns to the AA level of the WCAG.

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