Accessibility at Packback

Accessibility Overview

At Packback, our mission is to awaken the fearless, relentless curiosity in every learner. To deliver on this purpose, we believe passionately that we have an ethical mandate to make our site as usable as possible for all users. An inclusive digital learning environment is critical to deliver a rich community that cultivates a variety of perspectives, which is what our company exists to provide through our platform.

Overview for Professors

Packback intentionally designs our site for accessibility to ensure students with disabilities have a great experience on our platform. We have received positive feedback from a variety of disabled users, including those who are blind, that they were able to use Packback and complete their course work.

If you or any of your students encounter any accessibility issues when using Packback please make sure to let us know via our support center.

Technical Details on Accessibility Support

Packback is deeply committed to maintaining accessibility on our platform to create an environment where every student can explore their curiosity. We strive to conform to the WCAG 2.0 Level AA Standards on the Packback Questions platform.

We recognize that delivering an accessible web experience is an ongoing process and that true certification at the AA standard is not possible for a platform with iterative deployments like Packback. To continue to invest in accessibility, we have grown our team to include a dedicated accessibility engineer and we have planned to have recurring 3rd-party audits become a part of our process moving forward.

Our organization elected to have a third-party audit of our site performed against the WCAG 2.0 Level AA Standards, which was initially performed in June of 2017. Two subsequent audits have occurred since the initial audit. Annual accessibility re-audits by a neutral third-party auditing organization are planned.

Accessibility Suggestions & Questions

As a user of the Packback site, if you encounter an accessibility issue or an area where user experience can be improved, please submit a ticket to our support/engineering team using the form linked here.

In your ticket, please include the URL on which you encountered the issue, a description of the issue, and a brief description of the user experience improvement that would help make your experience on Packback more seamless.

All support tickets at Packback are answered within 24 hours, and high priority tickets that outline blocking issues (like a blocking accessibility bug) are responded to in an average of 4 hours. Packback offers 7-day customer support, including overnight shifts, to ensure that all inquiries are responded to in a timely fashion.

For any other questions about this accessibility policy or accessibility practices at Packback, please contact Jessica Tenuta, Packback’s Chief Product Officer at