Packback Deep Dives

Packback Deep Dives is a platform for developing and assessing writing.

Deep Dives helps every student build a strong foundation of writing and research skills.

Through instant AI feedback, students have the opportunity to iterate on their work based on your specific assessment criteria. Instructors receive grading support from our AI grading assistant to help assess the writing mechanics of a piece, so you can focus your feedback on students’ ideas and content.

Decorative illustration showing a long essay with a pop up providing feedback.

What’s inside Deep Dives?

Writing Assistant

Gives students instant AI writing feedback on:

  • Grammar & Mechanics
  • Wordcount & Depth
  • Flow & Structure
  • Repetitiveness
  • Research Quality
  • Formatting
  • And more…

Research Assistant

Gives students instant AI research quality feedback on:

  • Source credibility feedback on each of a students’ cited sources
  • Automatic detection of most sources added into notes
  • Automatic citation generation in APA or MLA format

Grading Assistant

Helps instructors grade writing assignments through:

  • AI-suggested scores for writing mechanics-related categories
  • Customizable rubrics to support most writing assignments
  • Ability to see flags about a student’s work, like profanity, repetitiveness, and other concerns

AI Writing Assistant for students

Helping students become better writers and communicators.

Students get access to the “Digital Writing Tutor,” that provides instant writing feedback that is tailored to the instructor’s specific rubric.

Product screenshot showing the writing experience for students. The righthand sidebar of the experience shows a range of feedback from the Packback AI, including an overview that says, "Right now, your biggest opportunities to improve your essay are in the categories of Research Quality and Grammar & Mechanics."

Product screenshot showing the research notes / citation experience for students. The righthand sidebar of the experience shows that the student has cited two sources. Each of these sources displays feedback. The first source is from WebMD, which received a "potentially credible" score from the AI. The second source is from, an academic journal, which received a "highly credible" score from the AI.

AI Research Assistant for students

Helping students become more effective academic researchers.

Students get access to the “Digital Research Assistant”, an AI assistant that provides instant feedback on the credibility and quality of sources, and generates citations instantly in APA or MLA format.

AI Grading Assistant for educators

Enabling instructors to give feedback on ideas and content, rather than just corrections.

Deep Dives’ smart rubrics and prompts can be customized to suit instructors’ specific assignments. Packback’s “Digital TA” suggests scores for each “requirement” category, which can be overridden by the instructor.

Product screenshot showing the grading experience for educators. The student's submission is shown on the left, and the grading experience is shown on the right. For each category of the rubric, a score is suggested from the AI with the ability to "see why" that score was recommended.

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