Pricing on Packback Questions

A student’s first Packback community is $25. Each one they join after is discounted through the Curiosity Credits program. 

Image showing the cost of Packback over multiple communities. Their first community is $25. The second community is $22. The third community is $19. The fourth community is $16. The fifth community is $13. The sixth (and every following community) is $10.

How pricing on Packback works

The Packback Questions discussion platform is priced on a per-community basis. Communities on Packback are created for each class that is using Packback Questions.

This fee is often paid by the student when registering for their discussion community, however, departments and universities may choose to pre-pay for their students.

The Curiosity Credits Program

Each time a student purchases a Packback community, they earn $3 of Curiosity Credits. The credits are applied toward future community purchases, up to a maximum of $15 off.

The students’ Curiosity Credits do not get spent. They are an earned discount that applies at checkout on all of their future communities!

Why did Packback introduce the Curiosity Credits Program?

Our Curiosity Credits Program creates a pricing structure that makes Packback increasingly affordable for students as they join more discussion communities. It’s an unusual program, but we believe in it!

Handshake Illustration.

Invest back in students as they invest in Packback

The end of the semester shouldn’t mean the end of a student’s ability to ask curious questions about course material. As students invest their time on Packback in more classes, Packback invests back in students by tracking their growth and being increasingly affordable.

Raised hands illustration.

Create more financial accessibility for students

Students may use Packback in many classes during their college career. Instead of just creating a discount that applies to one term, our Curiosity Credits program recognizes a student’s entire history on Packback to ensure that the total cost of Packback remains affordable.

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Do what aligns with our value of radical kindness

We never want cost to be a barrier to curiosity and discussion. This program helps us go the extra step as a company to support our students; something very important to our values-driven team dedicated to awakening and fueling student curiosity.

Financial Aid Scholarships

Packback provides a limited number of Scholarship Access Codes to instructors that can be distributed to students in need of financial support. These codes grant the recipients free access to that specific Packback community.

Talk to our team to request Financial Aid

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