Student Outcomes

Student outcomes by the numbers

63% reduction in moderated posts within the course of a semester

A 63% reduction has been seen in the Spring Semester of 2019 when comparing the rate of moderated posts in the first 2 weeks of the semester (2.29%), to the rate of moderated posts for the remaining weeks in the semester (1.49%). Once students experience coaching and moderation for the training weeks of the semester, a significant reduction in moderated posts occurs thereafter.

31.92% of moderated posts are subsequently republished for credit

In cases where students have their post auto-moderated by the system due to a Community Guidelines violation, 31.92% of posts are subsequently edited and republished after receiving feedback (Spring 2019). This meets students where they are and allows them to earn back their points, developing a less adversarial relationship with feedback and allowing them to learn in a way that isn’t punitive.

35% of posts include a cited source

Packback adheres to a product philosophy of building tools and features that inspire students to engage in meaningful discussion. Students are not required to cite sources in their posts on Packback but are encouraged to do so through inline coaching feedback and reinforcement from the Curiosity Score. Currently, 35% of students choose to cite a source on their discussion posts (Spring 2019).

Students rank Packback’s product and service quality a 4.05 out of 5

In a survey sent to 45K students in Fall of 2018, with over 5,000 tracked responses, our team saw a weighted average of 4.05 out of 5 in response to the question, “How would you rate the quality of the Packback Questions Platform software (usability, reliability, design, accessibility)?”

Student feedback on Packback’s impact on learning outcomes

The following feedback is summarized from over 5,000 student responses to the Fall 2019 Packback efficacy survey. Students were asked to rate their agreement with a series of statements related to the impact of Packback on their learning outcomes.

After using Packback, I find that I am more curious about the subject matter of the course.


of students strongly agreed (5) or agreed (4).

Only 16% disagreed (2) or strongly disagreed (1).

After using Packback, I feel more confident about formulating and asking open-ended questions. 


of students strongly agreed (5) or agreed (4).

Only 9% disagreed (2) or strongly disagreed (1).

I feel that my professor’s decision to use Packback shows they care about my curiosity.


of students strongly agreed (5) or agreed (4).

Only 12% disagreed (2) or strongly disagreed (1).

I feel that using the Packback platform has challenged my critical thinking and writing skills.


of students strongly agreed (5) or agreed (4).

Only 16% disagreed (2) or strongly disagreed (1).

Quotes from students on Packback

“In past classes where Packback wasn’t used, I wasn’t all that interested in the material. I just did what I had to do to pass the class. Using Packback has made me tons more interested in the class topics and paying attention to my teacher, and my classmates. I didn’t think I’d care about a GenEd ever before Packback.”

Spring 2019 Student Feedback Survey

“I felt Packback is more welcoming compared to other discussion boards because it is over things you are interested in. Other discussion boards give you instructions to write about a certain topic or thing, while Packback allows your curiosity run wild. I have learned way more from Packback than regular discussion boards.”

Spring 2019 Student Feedback Survey