Writing Lab

AI that actually teaches you how to write (rather than writing for you).

Introducing Writing Lab

Writing Lab is a powerful direct-to-student AI writing feedback platform for students to use to develop writing skills and confidence outside of the classroom.

Writing Lab helps students use AI for writing in ways that teach them how to be a great writer. Our goal is to build confident writers that can express themselves effectively with–and without–AI tools.

🎉 Writing Lab Pro is FREE to students in a Packback course for the duration of their course!
Writing Lab will also be available to any student or writer for an affordable monthly subscription.

Writing Lab: The Academic AI Writing Platform


Direct-to-Student platform: Unlike Packback’s other products, this tool is not a classroom homework product; this is a platform offered directly to students as an AI-writing aide. Writing Lab will be able to be used by students to get feedback on any writing project they are working on, regardless of whether or not their instructor is requiring Packback for classwork.


Rooted in sound pedagogy: Just like all of Packback’s products, the experience on Writing Lab is designed to support sound pedagogy (rooted in mastery-based learning) and designed specifically for academic writing. Writing Lab uses cutting-edge AI technology, but does so to provide better feedback to students…without writing for them.


Designed for a Post-ChatGPT world: In the wake of the explosion of tools like ChatGPT, many educators have been asking how to balance using these powerful new technologies while ensuring students build foundational skills. Writing Lab helps students build AI literacy skills for how to interact with AI tools, while also getting the benefits of instant, personalized writing feedback.

Explore the features of Writing Lab

Writing Lab helps you write with confidence, by providing real-time AI-powered writing feedback.

Writing Lab provides writers with real-time feedback on the accuracy and effectiveness of their writing, along with explanations for how to correct the problem. Writing Lab Basic provides feedback on Grammar, Structure, Readability, and more.

Pro Feedback features include logical fallacy detection, unsupported claim detection, missing essay components detection, holistic chat-based feedback based on the selected document type, and more.

Writing Lab helps you choose credible sources and cite them correctly.

Writing Lab helps students generate citations in APA, MLA, or Chicago style format and provides them with feedback on the credibility of their chosen sources. Writing Lab users see a “Credibility Score” of each cited source along with a detailed explanation to help them choose credible sources.

These Credibility Scores take into account the source type (website, journal, book) and considers factors like the publisher of the source, the age of the source, the Journal Impact Score, the popularity of the source, and more.

Writing Lab helps you avoid plagiarism and use AI transparently.

Writing Lab embraces and integrates cutting-edge AI technology to offer writers direct and actionable feedback.

If students accept and insert an AI suggestion, Writing Lab will prompt them to cite it appropriately. The models in use will be added to the document bibliography and properly cited, in alignment with how top academic journals recommend appropriately crediting AI models.

Writing Lab performs real-time plagiarism scans. Instead of penalizing writers, the platform alerts writers early to possible improperly cited text and prompts writers to cite their source.

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