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Webinars & Workshops

Packback runs multiple webinars and workshops every month. We keep the chat open, and these webinars are wonderful community networking events! We also have a large library of recorded past webinars on inquiry-based learning, student motivation, AI-augmented learning, and more.

We hope to see you at a future webinar!

Research Whitepapers

Cover image of the whitepaper, "How Academia is Adapting to Generative AI"

White Paper

How Academia is Adapting to Generative AI

Foreword by Dr. Adam Fein, Vice President of Digital Strategy Innovation and Chief Digital Officer, University of North Texas.

This whitepaper provides an overview geared towards educational administrators of how ChatGPT/LLMs work and how they are likely to impact education, alongside a series of predictions of how innovative institutions will likely respond to this moment by evolving alongside AI.

White Paper

Impact of Online Discussion Platform and Pedagogy on Student Outcomes

This study explores the impact of the use of Packback on grade outcomes, student engagement, and discussion quality. 10 institutions participated in an IRB-approved comparative study of the use of Packback versus the Learning Management System discussion. Students in the Packback treatment group were more engaged, wrote longer posts, cited sources more often, and earned more A’s and fewer F’s than students in the control group.

Cover of Deep Dives Research Paper

White Paper

Student and Faculty Outcomes after using Deep Dives for Writing Assignments

Deep Dives was released for
the Fall 2022 term. In its first semester of use, students using Deep Dives have reported receiving better grades, feeling more confident in their writing, and enjoying writing assignments more. Instructors reported significantly faster grading times, easier and more manageable grading overall, and greater satisfaction with the quality of student writing.

Educator Guides & Training Courses

Certification Course

Inquiry-Based Discussion Certification

In this certification course, presented by Packback’s Chief Product Officer, Jessica Tenuta, you will learn about Inquiry-Based Learning and how these principles are applied in Packback’s platform and methodology to drive rigorous discussion, increase student motivation, and inspire genuine curiosity.

Training Course

AI Training for Educators

Packback has developed a series of webinars, workshops, and written lessons to help support educators who are looking to deepen their understanding of AI and how to use these tools in their courses. Whether you’re new to AI concepts or an expert, we have resources are targeted for beginner, intermediate, and experienced audiences.