White Paper: AI Policy Roadmap

Highlights of this whitepaper

Comprehensive AI Policy Framework: Learn how to develop structured yet flexible AI policies that balance the immense potential of AI tools while upholding academic integrity and student privacy.

Practical Examples and Case Studies: Gain insights from institutions like The College of Southern Idaho, Notre Dame, and Northern Illinois University on how they have successfully implemented AI in their classrooms, fostering ethical AI usage and enhancing student outcomes.

Guidelines for Educators and Administrators: Understand the key considerations for integrating AI into your curriculum, including data protection, equitable access, and providing clear examples of academically honest AI use.

Future-Proofing Education: Discover how to create adaptable AI policies that evolve with technological advancements, ensuring your institution remains at the forefront of educational innovation.

Cover image of the whitepaper "AI Policy Roadmap"

Summary: This white paper is designed to provide educators and institutions with a roadmap of how to approach creating AI policies.

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