Packback for Institutions

Raise the ceiling of student performance, and bring every student up to a strong baseline with Packback.

Packback is a single platform for all writing assignments (including plagiarism detection), that uses AI to provide students with immediate feedback while they write.

This approach leads to greater student autonomy and mastery, and is driving incredible results.

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A Single Platform for Writing Assignments, Discussion, Student Engagement, and Academic Integrity.

Packback Questions

Inquiry-Based Discussion

Engage curiosity, increase motivation, and support writing practice with our award-winning discussion platform.

Packback Deep Dives

Writing Assignments

Improve and assess students’ written communication and research skills on essays and writing assignments.

Instructor Tools

Class Engagement

Provide every student with the exact support and praise they need to succeed with highly scalable instructor tools.

Platform Features

Instant AI-based writing feedback for students: Packback’s instructional AI that provides dynamic, real-time writing coaching to improve student success before they submit their work.

AI Research Assistant for students: When students cite sources on Packback, their sources receive a ‘credibility score’ with a detailed explanation of how to choose credible, academic sources.

AI Teaching Assistant for instructors: Educators love using Packback. Through automated community moderation of the discussion board using AI and AI-assisted grading for essays, instructors on Packback are able to spend much less time on administrative and rote tasks, and more time on meaningful personalized feedback to students

Plagiarism Detection: Packback instantly checks plagiarism on discussion posts and writing assignment uploaded to our system compared to both external sources and our own database of over 13 million pieces of student content.

AI-generated text detection: Packback provides an instant analysis of every discussion post and writing assignment uploaded to our system to detect the use of tools like ChatGPT.

LTI 1.3, LTI 1.1 and 1.2 Integrated (IMS Global Certified): Packback offers LTI integrations for both SSO and Gradebook sync. Gradebook sync for Deep Dives is coming Summer 2023.

Secure and accessible: Aligned to the requirements of GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA (data privacy regulations) and WCAG 2.1 AA (Accessibility).

Applicable across the curriculum for (almost) any course

Packback is applicable to any course with a writing component. Packback has been used by over 2 million students, at more than 700 institutions, across thousands of different courses and subject areas.

Popular subjects of courses using Packback include:

  • Psychology;
  • History;
  • Biology;
  • Management;
  • Marketing;
  • Communications;
  • Chemistry;
  • Economics;
  • Philosophy;
  • Education;
  • Human Resources;
  • Physics;
  • Environmental Science;
  • Art History;
  • Business Administration;
  • English;
  • Language Arts;
  • Nursing;
  • Humanities;
  • and many more.

Packback Alignment with Preferred Standards

Packback strongly aligns with several preferred educational technology standards including ISTE, CASEL, and Digital Citizenship. Click the links below to learn more about Packback’s alignment with each standard.

Packback Alignment with ISTE Standards

Packback Alignment with ISTE Standards

Packback Alignment with Digital Citizenship Competencies


Packback leads to more successful student and faculty outcomes than LMS discussion.

  • Lower DFW rates
  • Increased A’s and B’s
  • More consistent discussion engagement
  • Improved self-reported writing confidence in students
  • >30% time savings for instructors when grading

Packback collaborated with 12 institutions to run a multi-year study of student outcomes on Packback.

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Packback proudly offers student-paid or institutional-paid, individual licensing for departments, or campus-wide pricing options. 

Packback can support full institution-paid models, institution-subsidized models, and Inclusive Access. Our team will work closely with you to make sure and find the pricing model is the best fit for your institution.

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