Overview of the Packback Product

Packback’s solution combines inquiry-driven discussion pedagogy with thoughtful, easy-to-use technology to deliver consistent results.

Packback’s Pedagogy

Inquiry-driven discussion supports student autonomy, motivation, and mastery. Packback has developed a thoughtful implementation methodology in partnership with the thousands of instructors who have used Packback.

Packback’s Platform

We believe education technology should help make research-backed educational best practices easier to manage and implement at scale. Packback’s platform has been designed to make it easy to implement Inquiry-Driven discussion.

Accessibility, security, and reliability are core features of the Packback experience

7-day-per-week Customer Support

Packback’s carefully trained support team has an average response time of fewer than 4 hours
(which includes nights and weekends!) with a student satisfaction rate of 90%. Our Product Support team works directly with our Engineering team to prioritize improvements to the platform.

Reliable technology and a 24/7 on-call Engineering team

Packback’s platform maintained an average uptime of more than 99.9% over the Fall 2018 semester. Our Engineering staff maintains a 7-day on-call rotation to ensure full coverage for review and remediation of critical platform problems.

Accessibility is a top priority (we adhere to the AA level of the WCAG)

Packback makes accessibility a top priority in every feature we build. Packback is a mobile responsive application that is accessible on all major browsers and conforms to AA standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

FERPA Compliant and PCI Compliant

Packback’s platform is FERPA Compliant, enforces privacy by design (collecting as little information as possible from students) and adheres to all data-security standards within FERPA. Data on Packback is stored in Google Cloud high-availability servers, and all payment information is handled directly via a PCI compliant payment processor, Braintree. 

User-friendly platform that takes just a few minutes to learn

The singular goal of Packback’s design team is to deliver the greatest impact on student learning outcomes with the easiest-to-use platform possible. The entire process of setting up Packback for a class can be done in just a few minutes. 

Request a demo of the Packback Questions platform.

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