Reading Ease

Packback Questions uses the Flesch reading ease score to provide guidance around writing complexity.  The Flesch reading ease score takes into account two things:

• The average length of your post’s sentences (shorter sentences are easier to read)

• The average number of syllables per word in your post (shorter words are easier to read)

This feedback triggers when the reading ease of your post is low, which means your post may be difficult or complex to read.  Text with a low Flesch reading ease comprises mostly long sentences and a lot of complex words.  You can improve the reading ease of your text by breaking down long sentences and making simpler (shorter) word choices.

Note:  This piece of Instant Feedback is intended as guidance to help improve your writing.  It is not used as part of your Curiosity Score calculation, and if you disagree with the feedback it can safely be dismissed without impacting your score.