Packback Questions

Packback Questions makes it easy to add (and manage) inquiry-driven asynchronous discussion in any course.

A graphic showing the Packback post editor, with a sample student post being written. Instant Feedback from the Packback Digital TA is being displayed showing the student their Curiosity Score range, praising them on several points (e.g. Great use of an open-ended question; Appropriate use of paragraph breaks), showing them a tip (e.g. Cite a source to increase your post's credibility), and a warning (e.g. That they may be using Passive voice).


The Packback AI-Enabled “Digital TA”

Packback acts as an instructor’s “Digital TA” to help them manage discussion communities with ease, so instructors can spend less time managing discussion, and more time engaging with students.


Powerful Engagement Tools for Instructors

Packback provides instructors a powerful set of features for engaging, guiding, redirecting, and celebrating their students through the discussion in online or face-to-face courses.


Best-in-Class Discussion Features

From flexible discussion editing tools, interaction features like “Sparks” and Critical Debates, to fun features like our avatar builder, Packback has been designed to create delightful discussions.

Packback’s “Digital TA” Capabilities

A graphic showing a sample student's post with a banner indicating that it has been "moderated", overlaid by a message from the Packback system showing that the post had been moderated for being closed ended. The automated "Moderation Notification" from Packback contains a buttton with the call to action, "Edit and Republish for Credit".

Instant Feedback

With Packback’s Instant Feedback, students receive feedback on their writing and post efficacy while they type, giving students feedback at the exact moment when it can be applied.

Content Moderation

Packback’s Digital TA supports instructors with content moderation to ensure the discussion community remains respectful and effective, saving instructors hundreds of hours every term.

The Curiosity Score

The Digital TA assigns each post a “Curiosity Score” using a proprietary algorithm that assesses post quality in four dimensions: curiosity, credibility, communication, and convention.

Dr. John Locke on Packback’s Instant Feedback:

Engagement Tools for Instructors

A graphic showing a sample student post, overlaid with a sample piece of "Praise" feedback from their instructor. The Praise feedback says, "I love seeing you connect our class discussion to your own field of study, and asking your peers to think about other real-world applications of course concepts! This is a great example of pulling in real-world examples to help mmake your question mmore tangible for your peers!"

Custom Instructor Feedback

Instructors on Packback can leave public “Praise” feedback or private “Coaching” feedback on posts.

Praise feedback is visible to the whole class, so all students can see and learn from it, increasing the impact of the feedback.

Automated Participation Scoring

Grading discussion participation is simple on Packback.

Instructors can choose their participation requirements and deadlines, and have participation scores calculated automatically each assignment period for every student.

Insight Reports & Recommended Actions

Each deadline period, instructors receive a digest of insights about the performance of their discussion communities.

Along with these reports, Instructors receive suggested actions each week that make it easy to maintain high engagement throughout the term.

Dr. Jeffery A. Masters on the insights Packback provides instructors:

Best-in-class Discussion Capabilities

A graphic showing the Critical Debates feature on Packback. A student reply is shown, overlaid by two other posts. One post is labeled as a "Counterpoint" and the other is labeled as a "Supporting Point".

Counterpoints & Supporting Points

Students on Packback can reply to peers’ responses with “Counterpoints” or “Supporting Points” to constructively debate their peers.

The platform guides students with prompts to help them engage in effective and constructive debates.

Powerful, Accessible Post Editing Options

With Packback’s mobile-responsive, accessible editor, students can:

  • Upload Images and GIFs (with prompts to add Alt text)
  • Embed Videos and Images (with prompts to add Alt text)
  • Insert Code Blocks
  • Insertion formulae using LaTeX

Edit & Republish Option for Moderated Posts

If a student’s discussion post is Moderated, that isn’t the end of the road for the post!

Students receive a coaching email with feedback on what to improve in the post. They can then edit and republish for credit, supporting Mastery Learning.

💡 Plus, a range of features designed specifically for supporting interaction and engagement on Packback, including Custom Avatars (custom profile image builder), Sparks (to show a student that their post ‘sparked’ your curiosity), the Learner Leaderboard, and more.

The Packback experience from the perspective of student and TA, Jaida Sloan: